Affordable pet insurance for your non-human family member.

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Why Affordable Pet Insurance Is Important 

According to the American Veterinary Medical Association, or the AVMA, American households are home to more than 130 million dogs and cats. We love our pets like family, and like all family members, our furry companions are going to get sick and injured from time to time. The AVMA estimates that the average household expense for veterinary care for dogs and cats is nearly $600 per year. That comes to a total of approximately $78 billion

All of us who have pets know that vet bills can quickly climb into the range of thousands of dollars if not more. For too many pet owners, these costs come directly out of their pockets, and for too many others, these expenses can lead to excruciating, tragic choices. You need to protect yourself and all of your loved ones with pet insurance.

Affordable pet insurance will help you take care of your pet or pets when – not if – something arises. Pet insurance is a safeguard, much like health insurance in humans, against those unforeseen costs that can be debilitating to families who are working hard just to get ahead. However, unlike human health insurance, as you’ll see below, Odie’s affordable pet insurance program doesn’t limit you in your choices or options. 

Please take a closer look below at our pet insurance options. Affordable pet insurance will have you sleeping easier knowing that your furry friends are going to get the care they need without you having to face the potential for a terrible choice. Get started with your pet insurance policy today!

Meet Odie.

Odie helps modern-day pet owners budget for unexpected vet care costs, like accidents and illnesses, so you can focus on your pet’s well-being not what’s in your bank account.

Affordable Monthly Plans.

Our monthly plans are 15-30% less expensive than other companies offering the same or similar coverage.

24/7 Online Claims Portal.

We know an unexpected emergency can be stressful. Our 3-step claims process makes the paperwork easy.

Up to 90% Reimbursement.

Odie reimburses pet owners up to 90% of covered treatments under 5 business days and in as little as 24 hours.

What customers are saying about Odie.

“Odie helped with an emergency allergic reaction.”

My dog had a severe allergic reaction to carpet cleaner over the Christmas holiday. We were out-of-state so we couldn’t wait to see her usual vet and ended up taking her to a local emergency hospital. Luckily, Odie covered the claim which was probably triple what taking her to a regular vet would’ve cost.

-Dana, New York, NY

Accident & Illness Coverage, right when you need it.

Whether it’s a torn ligament or an upset stomach, to something more serious like hip dysplasia or cancer, we have a plan to help cover all the situations that make you go, “Uh oh.”

Our Pet Insurance Plans

Customize a health plan that best suits your dogs and cats in an easy to use format. All of our plans cover unexpected accidents and illnesses – from emergency care and hospitalization to diagnostic tests and medications.

Ex. Bite Size
Annual Limit $5,000
Avg Deductible $500
Reimbursement 70-90%
Ex. Fur Friendly
Annual Limit $10,000
Avg Deductible $500
Reimbursement 70-90%
Ex. Paw Tastic
Annual Limit $25,000
Avg Deductible $250
Reimbursement 70-90%
Ex. Best In Show
Annual Limit $40,000
Avg Deductible $250
Reimbursement 70-90%
Optional Coverage
  • Office Visits/Exam Fees
  • Rehab, Acupuncture, and Chiropractic Care
  • Take Home Prescription Medications
  • Routine Care

You can customize your plan to your pet’s needs. Need more coverage? No problem. Looking for a lower deductible? You got it.

Comprehensive Coverage

Accident & Illness Coverage Included.

All of our plans include unexpected accidents & illnesses giving pet parents peace of mind and pets .

Add-On More Coverage If Needed.

Add-on coverage for office visits and exam fees, take home prescription medication, and rehabilitative services.

Routine Care Plans Available.

Budget for annual vaccinations, flea and tick medication and much more! Learn about Routine Care.

What’s Covered

  • Accidents & Injuries
  • Illnesses
  • Emergency Care
  • Hereditary & Congenital Conditions
  • Cancer
  • Chronic Conditions
  • Dental Disease
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • X-rays, MRIs, Cat Scans, Ultrasounds, etc.
  • Surgeries
  • Hospitalizations
  • And more…

What’s Not Covered

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Routine Care (optional coverage available)
  • Breeding & Conditions related to pregnancy
  • Spaying or Neutering
  • Cloning Procedures
  • Elective & Cosmetic Procedures
  • Experimental Procedures
  • Alternative or Holistic Treatments
  • Training or Treatment for Behavioral Conditions (some exclusions apply)

See how Odie lines up against the competition.

Plan FeaturesOdieASPCAPetplanNationwideTrupanionEmbraceHealthy Paws
5 Day Claims Processingcheck icon check icon check icon check icon check icon check icon check icon
One Annual Deductiblecheck icon check icon check icon check icon check icon check icon check icon
Optional Office Visit & Exam Fee Coveragecheck icon check icon check icon check icon check icon check icon check icon
Optional Routine Care Coveragecheck icon check icon check icon check icon check icon check icon check icon
No Upper Age Limits or Breed Restrictionscheck icon check icon check icon check icon check icon check icon check icon
Choose Your Own Vetcheck icon check icon check icon check icon check icon check icon check icon

Why Odie?

No Breed or Age Limits.

Get the best protection for any dog or cat breed, including mixed breeds starting at just 7 weeks old. Not sure how old your pet is? No problem. Your vet can help estimate your pet’s age to use when applying for coverage.

Choose Your Own Vet.

Unlike human health insurance, Odie doesn’t have a “network”. Pet owners can take their dogs and cats to any licensed vet across the U.S., even if they’re traveling out of state. Emergency vet hospitals included!

We’re On A Mission.

Odie was founded on the principle of building better pet health care coverage to reduce the number of economic euthanasia incidents. We never want a pet owner to have to decide between the well-being of their loved one or their finances.

Coronavirus (COVID19) and Your Pets.

With the Coronavirus (COVID19) going around, there are many pet-related questions that people have about the safety of their pets during this outbreak. Dr. Sara Ochoa, veterinarian, has answered many common questions that people are asking.

Backed by experienced insurance companies


ODIE Insurance was born out of three generations of pet lovers who just happened to be in the insurance business. After recognizing the growing costs of vet bills and expensive wellness plans, we saw the growing need for better pet insurance. Since inception, our belief has been that all pets deserve great medical care and that owners should not have to choose between their finances and a loved one’s well-being. Our program aims to make pet insurance more affordable with easy to understand policies and a convenient tech-based claims process.

Thorson Specialty

Thorson Specialty Insurance Services Inc. “Thorson Specialty” is the exclusive managing general agency for PrimeOne. With more than 30 years of program management experience and concentrated expertise, Thorson delivers exceptional client experiences nationwide.


PrimeOne Insurance Company “PrimeOne” is a property and casualty insurance company. The Company is A-Rated Exceptional by Demotech, fully licensed and admitted in the states it does business, and reinsured by one of the most trusted names on the planet, Swiss Re.

Clear Blue

The Clear Blue Insurance Group is a property and casualty insurance group providing insurance programs in partnership with MGAs / program administrators and reinsurers to produce commercial and personal lines coverages nationwide. Clear Blue consists of three P&C insurance companies group rated A – (Excellent) by A.M. Best: Clear Blue Insurance Company, Clear Blue Specialty Insurance Company and Rock Ridge Insurance Company.

Meet Our Customers.



Corgi, 1

New York, NY
Monty is a self-proclaimed cream cheese addict. When he’s not sniffing for treats, he likes to chomp on snowflakes midair and then cozy up with his favorite duck toy.



Maltese Mix, 2

Brooklyn, NY
This Missouri rescue is named after Italian mathematician, Archimedes. Archie has a different growl for every request but his top 2 are new outfits and car rides.



Maltese Yorkshire Terrier Mix, 4

New York, NY
After a game of fetch with his squeaky toy of choice, Colbie is the ultimate cuddle buddy. There isn’t a couch nook he can’t fit into.

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