A cat with allergies
Cat Health & Wellness
Top 7 Causes of Cat Allergies

Our four-legged, furry family members can experience many allergy related issues, just like us. Recently, we posted another blog covering the top 9 causes of allergies in dogs. This week we want talk about our other furry favorites, our cats, and how you can be more aware of potential allergens in order to keep your […]

Mom With Five: 5 Things to Know Before Deciding on a Pet for Your Family

Original Post on Mom With Five Posted Jun 27, 2020 At some point, one or mo...

10 Things to Know About Getting a Puppy
Pet Insurance
Life & Experiences: 10 Thing to Know About Getting A Puppy.

Original Post on Life & ExperiencesPosted by Katie Gorden |&n...

A pit bull dog that could be featured in an article about adopting a bully breed
Dog Breeds
What you need to know about adopting a “bully breed”

Tail wagging, tongue flapping and kisses are just a few of the reactions yo...

Rescue Pets
8 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Pet

The third week in September is known as the National Adopt-A-Less Adoptable...

A vet that can help you understand vet visit costs
Pet Insurance
Understanding Vet Visit Costs and Getting the Best Deals

As any seasoned pet owner will tell you, pet ownership can get expensive. T...

Service Dog
Pet Lifestyle
Celebrate Working & Service Dogs this Labor Day

On Monday, September 7, 2020, Americans are celebrating the social and econ...

Dog Health & Wellness
The Guide to Weight Loss Supplements for Dogs

In an October 2018 clinical study done by the American Pet Products Associa...

Pet Lifestyle
20 Ways to Spend National Dog Day with Your Pup.

Dogs are a special gift. They’re loyal, friendly, selfless and offer ...

Pet Lifestyle
Does Your Dog Need A Seat Belt in Your State?

Our dog loves a good car ride on a sunny day and we totally get the appeal....

A dog rolling in grass, one of the top 9 causes of dog allergies
Dog Health & Wellness
The Top 9 Causes of Dog Allergies

Similar to humans, a number of things can cause allergies for dogs. However...

Dog Health & Wellness, Pet Health & Wellness, Pet Nutrition
A List of Foods Your Dog Can & Can’t Eat

We all know those dogs that will eat anything and everything they see in si...

A vet working on a dog as an example of how pet insurance works
Pet Insurance
How Does Pet Insurance Really Work?

We’re here to help you understand the ins and outs of pet insurance. If y...

Pet Lifestyle
Best Tips for Keeping Your Dog Cool in City Heat

Living in the city already requires a different lifestyle for your dog, but...

Dog Health & Wellness, Pet Lifestyle
Easy Dog Weight Loss Program to Start Today

As we well know, humans have good and bad habits and these habits tend to r...

Dog Breeds
Extinct Dog Breeds: 15 Breeds You Probably Don’t Know

Brought to you by the writers at Sugar Pet Shop. Dogs have various breeds i...

Some dog paws that the dog could be chewing
Dog Health & Wellness
Paw Chewing: Why is My Dog Chewing on his Paws?

Are you beginning to see your beloved pet starting to chew his or her paws ...

Rescue Pets
Bringing Home A Rescue Dog? Turn Your Home Into A Dog-friendly Space

Original Post on Redfin: June 14, 2020 by Julia Weaver (Updated J...

A dog hiking that demonstrates one of the 7 tips for hiking with dogs
Pet Lifestyle
7 Tips for Hiking with Dogs

Going on outdoor adventures is always better with your pup. Here are 7 Tips...

Pet Lifestyle
Does July 4th Make Your Dog Anxious?

Here are some helpful hints to keep your dog calm this Independence Day. Th...

Dog Health & Wellness, Pet Nutrition
Dog Weight Loss & Dog Fitness

Has your vet mentioned that your pet is a tad overweight for its breed?&nbs...

Pet Health & Wellness, Pet Lifestyle
Going Back to Work After the COVID-19 Shutdown? Top Tips For Leaving Your Pet Home Alone.

With founder of Relax My Dog and Relax My Cat, Amman Ahmed. As businesses a...

Pet Lifestyle
Signs Your Pet is Suffering from Anxiety & 5 Ways to Keep Them Calm.

Just like human beings, pets are emotional creatures. They can feel happine...

Pet Lifestyle
Spoil Your Pup with These Instagram Worthy Dog Macarons

The founders of Bonne et Filou, Nico and Linzi, share how they started the ...

Woman Running With Dog To Help it Lose Weight
Dog Health & Wellness, Pet Health & Wellness, Pet Lifestyle, Pet Nutrition
Dog Weight Loss And Keeping Odie Healthy

Are you noticing your dog is looking a little round lately? Maybe they aren...

Pet Lifestyle
7 Tips for Grooming Your Dog at Home.

With grooming expert and founder of Kibble Pet, Samantha Kent. Over these p...

A dog that is obviously overweight
Dog Health & Wellness, Pet Lifestyle
Is My Dog Overweight?

We all want lean and healthy dogs. Today, obesity affects up to 44 % of pet...

Dog Health & Wellness
Why is My Dog Limping? 6 Possible Causes.

Did your dog just come inside from playing in the yard and is now limping? ...

Pet Health & Wellness
The Benefits of Psyllium for Pets.

Metamucil for Cats & Dogs By now, you’ve probably heard all about psy...

Pet Insurance
Simply Jennifer: ODIE Pet Insurance Talks About Protecting Your Favorite Furry Family Member

Original Post on Simply JenniferBy Zabrina Thorson | March 17, 2020 It’s ...