Irish Dogs: 5 Ways to Prepare Your Home for Your New Puppy

Original Post on Irish Dogs Posted by Samantha Higgins | Jun 19, 2020

As you excitedly ready your home for your new pet, you should be certain to pay attention to these suggestions below. Here are tried and true tips that will help create a smooth transition. Check out these five ways to prepare your home for your new puppy.

1. Look into Insurance for Your New Pet

In the unfortunate event that something happens to your dog, you want to make sure your puppy gets the proper care. You should go ahead and prepare to purchase an insurance policy for them. If you fail to do this and an emergency or some type of medical condition develops, the insurance coverage will mitigate your chances for very high vet bills. Look online to find the perfect pet insurance policy for your new puppy.

2. Eliminate Various Safety Hazards

Your chances of having to file an insurance claim due to an accident will go down with the right preparation on your end. Be certain to determine the best storage system for any chemicals that must be kept away from your new pet. Also, don’t forget to be cognizant of anything that could fall off of shelves and tables and injure your puppy.

3. Determine Plans for Every Part of Your Day

Many adjustments will have to be made on your end and for everyone in your home. You will be interrupted for potty breaks when you’re at home. You will have to guarantee your dog is okay if nobody is there with them. Who in your house will handle feeding, grooming, and walking? If your work requires you to leave your residence, how will you ensure your dog is okay during work hours?

4. Prepare Any Children that You Have

Do not forget to instruct any kids you have as to what their responsibilities will be. If you already have pets, this shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you all. But if this is your first family pet or the first one in a while, you have to prepare them, too. This will help them love their new dog even more, and it will help keep you and the entire family sane.

5. Secure the Items to Make Your Puppy Feel at Home

More than ever you have access to affordable and very useful items to create the perfect setting for your pet. Shop around for deals with local and online retailers. Also, don’t forget to check out social media hubs like Facebook Marketplace.

Popular items for you to think about for your new pup are customized food and water bowls, dog crates, and doggie pillows. Also, be sure to grab some chew toys they will love.

Enjoy Your New Puppy

With the five aforementioned tips, you will enjoy your new puppy. Take time now to put these ideas into motion. You have other suggestions you can consider, but the suggestions above are sure to prepare you.

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