Cat Health & Wellness
Top 7 Causes of Allergies in Cats

Our four-legged, furry family members can experience many allergy related issues, just like us. Recently, we posted another blog covering the top 9 causes of allergies in dogs. This week we want talk about our other furry favorites, our cats, and how you can be more aware of potential allergens in order to keep your […]

Pet Health & Wellness
How Testing Your Dog’s DNA Can Help With Their Future Health Care Costs

If you’re a pet parent to a dog that’s prone to certain health conditio...

Pet Health & Wellness, Pet Insurance
Pet Insurance: Top 10 Benefits of Pet Insurance from a Vet’s Point of View

Many people have health insurance for themselves and maybe wonder what abou...

Pet Health & Wellness
What Vaccinations Your New Puppy Needs – A General Guideline

The joy of getting a new puppy is unforgettable. They’re soft, cuddly...

Pet Health & Wellness, Pet Insurance
Pet Insurance vs Pet Wellness Plans – what’s the difference?

Understanding the difference between pet health insurance and pet wellness ...

Pet Health & Wellness, Pet Lifestyle
10 Pet-Friendly Houseplants That Still Have The Wow Factor

Indoor plants are a gorgeous way to add some color to your home. However we...

Pet Insurance
Top 5 Reasons Why Pet Insurance Is Worth The Cost

When we first started shopping around for pet insurance for our 6-year-old ...

Pet Lifestyle
The 16 Best Gifts for Your Dogs & Cats in 2019

Introducing ODIE’s Holiday Gift Guide. Can you believe there are just...

Pet Lifestyle
2020 New Kitten Essentials Checklist

Those little paws, pointy ears and super soft fur can make almost anyone me...

Essential Checklist for Puppies
Pet Lifestyle
2020 Essential Checklist for Puppies

First of all, congratulations! You’re here because you are welcoming ...

Pet Emergency
7 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Safe This Winter

All across America, families are bundling up for the winter season in their...