Affordable Pet Insurance Plans

Emergency medical insurance made for your pet.

As dedicated pet parents, you know your fur ball best. That’s why Odie gives you the ability to take charge of your pet’s care and customize a plan around what they really need.

Plans to fit your budget. Not the other way around.

Learn how to build the perfect health insurance plan for your pet.

Step 1: Pick an Annual Limit

An annual insurance limit is the maximum amount of money Odie will pay toward your pet’s covered health services in any given year. Odie offers limits from $5,000 up to $40,000. For healthy dogs and cats who are low to moderately active, a lower annual limit is a great start. Older pets or pets who are highly active and adventurous, a higher limit may be necessary.

Step 2: Choose the Annual Deductible

deductible is the amount you pay for your pet’s covered health care before the insurance kicks in. You only pay the annual deductible once, so when that’s reached any eligible claims will be reimbursed according to your plan. Odie lets you choose your annual deductible starting from just $50 to $1,000.

Step 3: Select your Reimbursement Percentage.

The reimbursement percentage is the amount the insurance company pays toward your pet’s medical bills after you’ve reached your annual deductible. With Odie, you can choose a 70%, 80% or 90% reimbursement plan. Your reimbursement percentage remains the same whether you visit your regular vet, a specialist or an emergency hospital.

A dalmation who needs routine Pet care coverage

What does pet insurance Cover?

Coverage for the things that make you go, “uh oh”.

Want a more detailed view? Take a look at a sample policy.


Accidents or Injuries
Emergency Care
Hereditary and Congenital Conditions
Cancer Treatments
Chronic Conditions
Dental Disease
Diagnostic Testing
CT Scans
Hospital Stays

Not Covered

Pre-existing conditions
Breeding or conditions related to pregnancy
Prescription food
Elective or cosmetic procedures
Experimental procedures
Alternative or holistic treatments
Training or treatment for behavioral conditions (some exclusions apply)
Preventative or routine care

Pet Insurance Terms

All of this insurance jargon can get pretty confusing. We’re here to help explain the terms so you know exactly what you’re purchasing.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQs page.

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