Routine Pet Care Coverage

Get reimbursed for the things you already do to keep your pet healthy.

One plan for your
pet’s preventative care & wellness needs

Average CostYou Save
Spay/Neuter – Teeth Cleaning$0
Rabies Vaccination$15-20$15
Flea/Tick Prevention$150$50
Heartworm Prevention$60-180$30
Wellness Exam$45-55$50
Heartworm test or FELV screen$45-55$25
Blood, fecal, parasite exam$25-45$50
Urinalysis or ERD$25-75$15
Get reimbursed up to$410-713$305/yr!

Routine Pet Care Coverage

Just like your individual or family health care plan, pets need routine pet care coverage to help pay for their regular vet visits — vet visit coverage that can help keep your furry little friend in tip-top shape and ahead of any diseases and sicknesses that could keep them from feeling and being their best. There’s no reason to miss any of your scheduled vet visits because it’s all covered.

No waiting periods

Start using your Routine Care Plan right away! Contact us today to learn more about how vet visit coverage can put more money in your pocket while you give your furry friend the best that he or she deserves. Go Odie!

No Annual Deductible

That’s right. With no annual deductible and the ability to choose your own vet — so you can stick with the one you want, not jump to a new vet that can bring a whole new set of problems — vet visit coverage with Odie is as simple as it gets. 

No Breed or Age Limits

Protect any breed of any age with comprehensive coverage and forget about paying for, rabies shots, flea and tick prevention, heartworm prevention, vaccinations, wellness exams, heartworm tests, blood exams, fecal exams, parasite exams, microchipping, urinalysis or ERD and deworming. Whew — that’s a mouthful! 

Keep tails wagging all year long

Routine pet care coverage is all about helping your pet live a longer, happier life without the tricky part of budgeting for your pet’s care. And when you’re saving more money on routine pet care coverage, you’ll have more money to spend on spoiling your pet, and that’s something we can all appreciate.