Routine Care Coverage

Get reimbursed for the things you already do to keep your pet healthy.

From annual wellness exams to flea and tick medication, Odie will help cover the every day essentials with our optional Routine Care plan.

What’s Routine Care Coverage?

Think of it as a yearly spending account you put money into to use toward regular, out-of-pocket veterinary costs. It’s is an excellent way to save money on your pet’s every day medical expenses.

How does it work?

Simply add “Routine Care Coverage” to your pet’s plan in the quoting app to receive your annual benefits. Coverage starts right away so the next time you take your pet to the vet for any of the below services, Odie will reimburse you up to the corresponding limit each year. Limits do not apply to routine care services performed before purchasing a plan.

No Annual Deductible

Choose Your Own Vet.

Any Breed, Any Age.

Annual Coverage Limits

Spay/Neuter – Teeth Cleaning$0
Flea/Tick Prevention$50
Heartworm Prevention$30
Wellness Exam$50
Heartworm test of FELV screen$25
Blood, fecal, parasite exam$50
Urinalysis or ERD$15
We’ll Reimburse You Up To$305/year

Keep those tails wagging all year long.

Routine Care coverage can be added to any pet plan. Start customizing a quote today!